Consider using dedicated circuits in Malden, MA

Tired Of Dealing With Your Circuit Breaker Tripping?

Even if your electrical panel provides enough electricity to power your entire home, the individual circuits might not. Trying to place multiple large appliances on the same circuit can cause problems, and it's why you end up with your circuit breaker tripping when you try to use your oven and dishwasher at the same time. Fortunately, you can rely on John J. Butler Electrician for a fix.

We'll install dedicated circuits for every appliance in your Malden, MA home. Trust us to upgrade your panel so each large appliance, like your washer, dryer, hot tub and refrigerator, each use a single circuit. If you're installing a new appliance, we can take care of the dedicated circuit installation from the outset.

Arrange for dedicated circuit installation services by calling us today.

How dedicated circuits help

Not sure if dedicated circuits are worth the effort? Consider that...

  • You won't have to constantly reset your circuit breaker
  • You can avoid electrical fires and keep your home and family safe
  • Your electrical system can last longer with fewer repairs

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